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100% VEGAN

STAR GIRL Reusable Eye Masks

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Say goodbye to single-use eye masks, forever

The STAR GIRL Reusable Eye Masks are designed to customise your under eye treatment, and maximise the benefits of your skincare routine. 

✨ Reusable

✨ Customisable 

✨ Sustainable

Whether you're using your preferred under-eye brightening serum or rejuvenating eye cream, the medical grade silicone plays a vital role in sealing the ingredients, enhancing their absorption into your skin.

Perfect for an at-home spa moment or pamper before applying makeup, just put them on for 10 - 20 minutes before effortlessly rinsing them off for the next day or night! 

As an added bonus they work great as eye shields when applying eye makeup to protect your skin and create a natural wing.

How will you wear your STAR GIRLS? 


STAR GIRL | Reusable Eye Masks

After a sell-out collection of our viral reusable Infinity face masks, we are back and better with our STAR GIRL Reusable Eye Masks.

Reusable, customisable and very durable! They will be your forever eye masks for bright eyes, every day ✨

  • Step 1. Customise

    Apply your favourite eye creams, serums and oils on the under eye area. Try our Abundance Oil and Opulence Oil for glowing skin.

  • Step 2. Secure

    Secure your STAR GIRL Eye Masks under your eyes where they feel comfortable.

  • Step 3. Relax

    Keep on for 15 - 30 minutes for maximum absorption and effective results.

  • Step 4. Clean

    Rinse your STAR GIRL Eye Masks with soap, dry and store away for the next use.

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