A love letter to ultimate self care...

Genovi Beauty was founded to bring ultimate relaxation up a notch, marrying accessibility and luxury in your everyday routine.

We understand that daily life brings lots of distractions and stresses, and want to create a space where ultimate relaxation is celebrated with minimal impact on the planet and those around us. To redefine vegan beauty is our mission and motto.

  • Sustainable Solutions

    We offer sustainable solutions with 100% vegan and natural products. Together, we can reduce waste in the beauty industry.

  • Everyday Luxury

    We believe everyone should feel luxurious in their daily routine, and that's why our products are affordable yet incredibly high quality.

  • Community Driven

    We believe the biggest gift is being surrounded by a community that supports you and is on the same wavelength as you.

  • High Performing

    We know that the greatest luxury is time, that's why we create amazing products that won't take you hours to to use.

Meet our Founder

Stemming from a love for all things beautiful, our founder Plyska Genova started her journey in the beauty industry by selling Bulgarian Rose Oil skincare from her home country. Fast forward to now, her aim is to make luxury skincare more affordable and sustainable.

Follow her journey as she takes Genovi Beauty global.

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